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    3. MSG, provider of technologies and solutions for integrated doors and windows

      MSG is a leading provider of integrated doors and windows technologies and solutions. By combining technology with innovation, we integrate our products perfectly into every household. With the belief that ‘design changes life style, quality forms better taste and service creates greater value’, we introduce updated technology, material and systems introduced from German, Italy and the US to improve the design and production of products. By providing innovative door & window with high quality, muting effect, anti-insets system, anti-water performance and decoration function, we dedicate to offer customers with the most professional solution to improve their living space.

      Our Brand

      The letter ‘M’ in MSG displays the characteristics of our integrated doors and windows in a precise and artistic way. Long-term dedication to the production of door & window has made us product-oriented.

      Our Story

      As for now, a majority of products used in China are made of simple structure which attaches a piece of glass to four alloy bars. Compared with those in western countries, door & window manufacture in China is a developing industry asking for improvement. Since products with low quality would weaken solidness, reduce comfort and increase energy consumption, the quality of doors& windows highly relates to our living standard.
      The initial goal of MSG is to accelerate the development of the industry, increase functional capacity of doors and windows and improve the living standard of Chinese families. Putting forward the idea of integrated doors and windows and introducing technologies, materials and systems from German, Italy and the U.S, MSG has been dedicated to producing products of high quality and narrowing the gap between China and European countries.

      MSG, professional focus on creating a good quality of integrated doors and windows。

      • Beautiful and Sturdy
        Pure aluminium ingot alloy raw materials, 100% toughened glass, super-solid diamond mesh, silicified rubber strip, wool, etc., from raw materials to structure to production process, fully guarantee the quality and quality of products.
        Heat insulation and energy saving
        Broken bridge design, thermal insulation technology system, strong sealing, effective insulation of external heat import, reduce indoor energy.
        Waterproof and Sunshade
        Closed doors and windows, integrated shutters, day and night curtains, ceiling curtains and other shading systems, waterproof and moisture-proof, as the sun.
      • Anti mosquito and anti-theft
        Adopt 304# stainless steel 11 mesh 0.8MM gauze to prevent mosquitoes from being strong and prevent prying.
        Sound insulation and silence
        Hollow glass and closed system can reduce indoor noise by more than 40%.
        Decoration integration
        With fluorocarbon spray, the texture is fine, Wood print transfer and the texture is real. A variety of colors, rich decorative effect, and can match various home styles.
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      Address: No.57, Lijun Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Canton

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