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    3. Talent

      There was a king who kept visiting a cottage for the talent in ancient China. Similarly, there is MSG regarding the talent as treasures in modern society. We treat the talent with competitive salary and position to realize their development. We determine to improve their health, to provide them with pleasant working environment, to guide them with our cultures, and to encourage them to create their value and make contribution to our society.

      For those who’ve got virtue and competence

      We want you without hesitation and will provide you with a big stage to fulfill your dream.

      For those who’ve no competence but virtue

      We want to invite you to try and maybe we will embrace a broader world after training.

      For those who’ve got neither virtue nor competence

      There is no need for us to contact.

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      Address: No.57, Lijun Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Canton

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