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    3. MSG: a promising new star of door & window industry

      Date:2016-01-05 Back

      Most windows of China’sbuildings are installed during construction. In order to cut cost and increasethe quantity, these windows are weak in appearance and functions. As people’sliving standards continue to improve, they would like to choose better doorsand windows.

      MSG, a new door &window brand of MSG’s smart home service company, is getting well-known by itshigh quality products. It takes advantages of technologies of German, Italy andthe U.S, and tries to produce high functioning integrated door & window.

      MSG’s logo not only lookslike the letter “M”, but also looks like three “1”. The sea green logo isinternational and fashionable. MSG believes that design can change life, andservice can bring up value. MSG’s spirit is “to be the leader of the door&window industry by providing good products and services”.

      MSG use advanced machineryfacilities and assembly lines, such as automatic processing center andautomatic double saw, to ensure the quality of products. The door & windowis good-looking and soundproof.

      MSG provides excellentservices. A professional team, not just a person, is in charge of the wholemarketing chain from MSG manufacturer to consumers. MSG introduces up-to-datemanagement skills and cutting-edge technologies. Employee training, consumerservice, data management and software developing are the very important part ofmanagement. MSG is gonna to be a promising new star of door &windowindustry.

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