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    3. The new hot spot: upgrading home windows and doors, MSG creates a new concept of integrated doors and windows

      Date:2016-03-03 Back

      Although the windows and doors industry hasexperienced over ten years of development, but the development level of brands inall regions is uneven, resulting in a doors and windows industry is called alsodifferently. Some call this industry as a sliding door industry, and somecalled aluminum door industry, and some call it hanging rail door industry, andso on. Currently, door and window industry has developed to a new level: notonly the appearance and color have a realistic wood grain effect, but also theproblems of mute function and eco-friendly insulation against the cold are solved.What’s more, this industry has not only sliding doors, hanging rail doors aswell as windows and more sunshine room, etc.  Thus, it is one-sided to describe thisindustry by calling it windows and doors industry, or sliding doors industry,aluminum door industry, hanging rail door industry, all of which can not becomethe pronoun of this industry.

      MSG has brightly proposed a new concept of integrateddoors and windows since the date they created the brand. Integrated doors andwindows means integrating  overall homeand windows into one through technology and innovations. It is integrated by highquality material glass, metal, sealants, strips, auxiliary parts, etc. in arigorous brand technical standards and is a repeated practice of standardizedproduct. At the same time, it combines household furniture, floors, walls,doors and ceilings equivalents with high-end doors and windows, according tothe standard of processing technology and by using advanced processingequipment and installation tools.Integrated doors and windows have aesthetics,safety, mute function and environmental functions of insulation and against thecold. All of these properties can combine with other household articles organically,providing a systematic integrated doors and windows solutions for architecturalspace of human life.

      Integrated doors and windows are customized for eachspace with professional installation service, durable quality. Normally theycan be used up to 20 years.

      The concept of integrated doors and windows is notonly in line with the high-end doors and windows aesthetics requirements which diversified wood colors should be adaptive withfurniture color,  at the time its productscover all kinds of doors, windows and sunshine room, etc., and include thediefinition of muted performance and energy-saving products environmentalperformanc. Integrated doors and windows might become the pronoun of the industry.

      In Europe and otherdeveloped countries , Integrated doors and windows are universal applicationproducts for decades, which has just been introduced into Chinese market andgradually gained popularity. We can imagine how big the market space is goingto be.

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